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Name:Elayne Kevarian
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:California, United States of America
Advocate, magus, negotiator, necromancer, counselor, witch…a Craftsperson is all of these and more. We wield the power of the gods. A hundred years ago we were attacked by mobs and burned for our talents, then the God Wars happened. We freed humanity from oppression, or at least that’s what we told ourselves. Now we rebuild.

Things might have gone better had we any idea what we were putting in place of the gods.
– from the person journal of Elayne Kevarian*

Elaine is a tall woman, standing just short of six feet. She is severe in manner, has dark eyes, blonde or gray hair (depending on the decade), and is often dressed in a highly professional manner similar to a lawyer. When engaging in Craft her power suit manifests, changing anything she's wearing into a charcoal gray suit with thin silver pinstripes. Older than she seems, she nonetheless looks to be in her fifties (unless she's coming in from another time).

Elaine is a potent Craftswoman, and has both killed and resurrected gods. When crafting more complex or potent magics, various glyphs, which glow blue, can be seen on her wrists, fingers, temples, and other places about her body. If your character is one to see mystic/magical things, the strongest and most potent glyph is above her heart. These glyphs can also likely be seen at all times by such characters, I leave it up to you what they seem when Elayne’s powers are not active.

Elayne is a necromancer and has made packs with powerful beings. Good and evil are not too transparent in her world, but I would label her as being neutral good with a lean towards evil when the need is there. Feel free to make of this what you will.

Elaine Kevarian is from the Craft Sequence book series by Max Gladstone. She belongs to him and not me. I am merely borrowing her for pretendy happy fun times at Milliways Bar, no profit is to be expected or had. Dame Helen Mirren belongs to herself as well. I merely am borrowing her likeness.

*Not any published book or actual quote.
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